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Art and Media

• Professionally-oriented courses
• Cultural links between UMB and Strasbourg

Arts and Culture of France, Europe and the World

• Broad cultural diversity of pan-European scope



• Two theology departments - unique in France - open to many students through distance learning
• A tradition of great historians (Marc Bloch)
• Professionally-oriented courses
• Broad career openings
• Long-standing traditions in several fields of study
• Applied sociology - labour, conflict, integration and ethnology
• Demography – a specialized course unique in France
• Specialized courses leading to a high level of expertise


• Modern Languages (26 in all)
• The Classics
• Rare Modern Languages (largest range after INALCO)
• University diplomas for further training
• Extensive bibliographical resources
• 17th and 18th century French Literature
• Comparative Literature
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